The fee paid to a floor broker for executing orders. May be a flat amount or a percentage; also referred to as a commission. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary
Commission charges payable on securities transactions. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary

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brokerage bro‧ker‧age [ˈbrəʊkərɪdʒ ǁ ˈbroʊ-] noun FINANCE
1. [countable] also brokerage house ORGANIZATIONS an organization of brokers:

• The credibility of a brokerage or bank can disappear overnight, and when it does, so does the firm.

ˈdiscount ˌbrokerage
[countable] FINANCE ORGANIZATIONS a brokerage that buys and sells investments for its clients, without offering them investment advice
ˌfull ˈservice ˌbrokerage FINANCE ORGANIZATIONS
[countable] a brokerage that offers investment advice:

• full-service brokerage firms such as Merrill Lynch & Co. which, unlike the discounters, provide investment advice and research along with trading

ˌonline ˈbrokerage FINANCE
[countable] a brokerage that allows clients to buy and sell investments over the Internet
2. [uncountable] the work done by brokers:

• Its basic business of retail brokerage is slow.

• The electricity company saved $520,000 in brokerage fees by selling the bonds directly to investors.

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   The commission or fee charged by a broker. In the US, this term is commonly used to refer to a brokerage firm.

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brokerage UK US /ˈbrəʊkərɪdʒ/ noun STOCK MARKET, FINANCE, COMMERCE
[C] (also brokerage house) an organization that buys and sells currency, shares, etc. For other people or organizations: »

Several brokerages compete to match buyers and sellers of a given stock.

[U] (also broking) the activity of buying and selling currency, shares, etc.: »

Investors want the company to quit insurance brokerage and move into shipping services.

[C or U] the amount of money that a broker charges: »

They charged brokerage of around 10%.

See also DISCOUNT BROKERAGE(Cf. ↑discount brokerage), FULL-SERVICE BROKERAGE(Cf. ↑full-service brokerage), ONLINE BROKERAGE(Cf. ↑online brokerage)

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